About NTU Delegation to Kuwait 2014

陳聰富 學務長 Tsung-Fu Chen // Dr. Ysung-Fe Chen is Vice-President of Student Affairs and professor of Law at NTU. Graduating from the Depart- ment of Law, NTU, Professor Chen practiced law in Taiwan and later re- ceived his Master of Laws from Har- vard Law School and his Doctor of Juridical Science from New York Uni- versity School of Law. He is a key member in the Center for Ethics‚ Law and Society in Biomedi-cine and Technology at NTU and also the board director of Taiwanese Civil Code Research Foundation, the chief- editor of a law magazine, and a director of board of the Taiwan Law Society.

傅友祥 國際處副處長 Yu-Hsiang (Bennett) Fu // Dr. Bennett Yu-Hsiang Fu is Deputy Vice-President for International Affairs of the Office of International Affairs at NTU. He teaches Contemporary American Literature, Canadian Lit- erature, and Asian American Litera- ture. At the OIA, he oversees inter- national collaborations, summer pro- grams, and inbound and outbound students at NTU. Dr. Fu received his MA in English from the University of Rochester, USA, and Ph.D. in English Studies from the University of Montreal, Canada.

林淑靜 國際合作組組長 Jean Lin // Jean Lin serves at NTU’s Office of International Affairs since 2005. As Director of International Programs, she oversees a team of ten, whose role is to sign protocols, expedite faculty exchange programs and inter- national research projects, coordi- nate NTU’s participation in inter- national associations of higher edu- cation, organize international con- ferences and lecture series, and receive international guests.

石鈞太 Chun-Tai Shih // I am Chun-Tai Shih, and I work at Office of Student Affairs, NTU. I am in charge of international activities for students. My major in NTU was international relations. Due to my academic background, I am passionate in meeting people from different culture, especially Korean culture since I have been learning Korean for several year. I like jogging at weekends and traveling during vacations. Traveling is the best way to get close to this worldwide global village. It is my pleasure to visit Kuwait and hope can see you at Taiwan!!

林瑞宏 Jui-Hung (Kevin) Lin // I am a fifth-year English major with a minor in International Relations at NTU. I studied at University of Wisconsin-Madison for a year, which has countless influence on me. I is the co-founder and chair of TEDxTaida, one of the very first TEDx organizations in Taiwan. I am currently the executive director of a newly-launched program be- tween Taiwan and Harvard. Outside of academics, I have a daily habit of jogging and swimming, only if papers and exams are not around the cor- ner. In the future, I intend to work in the public sectors.

趙育誠 Yu-Cheng Chao // Currently I’m a student in the de- partment of drama and theater and I also double major in political science. Basically people who ever worked or knew me mostly com- mented me as an outgoing, talka- tive, and open-minded person.

王安妮 An-Ni (Annie) Wang // I’m a girl with much passion toward lives. With my background, I’ve aimed to contribute myself to nature protection. Mixing with hobbies of design, creation, and social issue, I’ve dropped into the field of “Landscape Architecture and Social Enterprise” since senior high school. In belief of life means continuing creation, I keep exporting ideas through various way. For instance, challenging multiple design fields (ads, logo, graphic, in- terior, landscape), music composi- tion (bass guitar), and holding acti- vities related to social enterprise and solving problems.

周嘉葳 Chia-Wei (Vivian) Chou // Hi everyone, my name is Vivian. I’m a tall girl which you can tell at the first sight and always with a smile on my face. I don’t have specific hobbies, but I enjoy reading and watching movies a lot especially novels and comedies. I was born in a sweet family, and I love to share my family life with friends. I come from a relatively rural place in Tai- pei, so I grew up in an environment surrounded by natural scenery. It’s my first time visiting middle-east, and I really look forward to meeting all of you.

邵芳萱  Fang-Hsuan Shao // I’m a 3rd year student major in Business Administration at NTU.  I’m also a list of my favorites, the books I read (The Great Gatsby & The Hobbits), the films I watch (Lord of the Rings), the music I listen to (Ed Sheeran), the sports I play (Tennis), and the people I meet (You & plenty others). As a  free-spirited traveler, I am basically a collective of every experience I’ve had in my life (Especially for those in London, Turkey and Singapore). And I can’t wait to meet new people here and drown myself in the culture of Kuwait!

鄭宜欣 I-Hsin (Cindy) Cheng // I am a fifth year student majoring in Foreign Languages and Literatures in NTU. I grew up in Penang, Malaysia, a city with great diversity of people and cultures and have traveled to countless islands and cities in South East Asia over the years. When time allows, I love playing tennis, swimming and attending festivals and art events. I have been hugely passionate in the (visual) arts and am now working as an independent artist and illus- trator.

陳品衣 Pin-Yi (Penny) Chen // Hi! My major is Mechanical Engineer ing. I know I will build a Transformer or a spaceship in the future. I love jogging and calligraphy. If you want to break away from routine, run a ma- rathon with me! If you are interested in Chinese calligraphy, please join me! We can explore the mysterious beauty together. Vivian and I are both NTU student ambassadors. We are dying to show people around our campus and I promise we’ll take you to the best secret spots and feed you with the most typical Taiwanese food. Our encounter is incredible. I can’t wait to say hello!

陳玉雯   Yu-Wen Yvonne Chen // I’m an energetic girl who likes to learn new things. Getting to know the unknown always excites me.  Through reading, I learn precious knowledge; through traveling, I closely connect myself with the world. And by meeting new friends and sharing different values, I get to see things in brand new perspectives. For now, I’m still not sure what I’m capable of or what I want to do in the future, but I do hope to become the change I want to see in the world and live my life to the fullest.

陳泓任 Hung–Jen (Oliver) Chen // I am an eighth-grade medical student. I postponed my graduation for the exchange program to the University of Auckland in New Zealand next semester. I’m now taking different courses of interest, such as program- ming, visual design, coffee and cho- colate agriculture. As for my extra- curricular life, you’ll most likely find me at the swimming pool. I’m a lifeguard and am very interested in sports such as swimming, jogging and mountain climbing. I love tra- veling and making new friends. This is my first visit to the Middle East.

邱丞正 Cheng-Cheng (Scott) Chiu // I’m a graduate student studying Po- litical Science and Jurisprudence in NTU, interest in reading novels, movies, tourism and cycling. Fasci- nated by exotic cultures, and looking forward to make friends around the world, wish to write a Tales of my friends after retirement. (Still a long way to go!)

陳彥文 Yen-Wen (Kenny) Chen // I’m a senior in the Department of Agricultural Economics. I like coun- tryside and have worked in some of the farms in Taiwan, which I really recommend you to experience. The scenery is quite different from Ku- wait and worth a visit. As for my hobbies, I enjoy playing badminton and watching biographical films such as Temple Grandin and The Iron Lady. I really appreciate that I can visit Kuwait since this is my first trip to the Middle East. Hope we can be good friends and see you guys in Taiwan next time.

周伯彥 Bo-Yen (Ricky) Chou // My name is Ricky. Chou. I majored in Industrial Engineering. I love to do interact with people because it always can bring me new idea and new perspective during the discussion especially we are from different professional field. I am looking forward challenges. I think they are opportunities for me to prove and improve myself.I have an optimistic, open-minded, positive thinking and aggressive personality thanks to my family and friends.


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